• Welcome to Savar apartments

    Prices per night starts from 70€

  • Welcome to Savar apartments

    Prices per night starts from 70€

  • Welcome to Savar apartments

    Prices per night starts from 70€

  • Welcome to Savar apartments

    Prices per night starts from 70€

  • Welcome to Savar apartments

    Prices per night starts from 70€


Only km away from the village Savar itself is a Savar house, in a quietbay Ilo. North west view provides sun all day. By the pebbles beach, which is suitable for kids, chairs and sun umbrellas are avaible to you. Back of the house provides you a pleasant stay with a barbecue and covered summer kitchen.


Apartments Mežanj, Mir, Lanterna and Sakarun are part of family-house Savar.

Apartman Sakarun

Apartment Sakarun

€160 / night


Apartment Lanterna

€105 / night

Apartman Mir

Apartment Mir

€90 / night

Apartman Mežanj

Apartment Mežanj

€110 / night

Long island

The island of peace and quiet, is distinguished by its lenght at 45km. The population on the island is approximately 1500 residents that live throughout the 12 villages on the island. All villages are accessable by road and the road provides magnificent view of neighbouring islands. The island is connected by ferries and ship lines to the mainland. From spring to winter you can smell sensational authentic herbs and the colours are spectacular. Long island is safe for sailing and nautical activities because of its location which provides protection from winds. On the island there is also a diving school and the marine life is spectacular. There is also the possibility of hunting. All places on the island hold a special feast throughout the summer with traditional music, food and customs. On the island is the port authority, post offices, doctors surgeries, customs office, turist offices and many restaurants, bars and cafes.Boat mooring provide water and electricity and you can dock at Sali, Božava, Veli Rat and Brbinj . Zaglav where is also a gas station.


is located in the central part on Long island. There is spectacular 7 th or 9th century pre-romanesque church , Saint Pelegrin, on the island which is connected with the mainland by levee. There is a cave Strašna peć. More on www.strasnapec.com


On the north west part of the island near the village Veli Rat , Verunić, Soline there is the sand beach Sakarun. It will satisfiy all those who want cristal clear sea with white sand both in the sea and on the shore. Shallow sea makes the beach very attractive to families with children and it is surrounded by pine trees.


On the south west of the island near the village Dragove, Veli žal beach is located. Beach with sand and round stones, with gorgeous blue green sea. Opposite the beach is a little island Mežanj, 100m away from the shore, also the only island to the open sea. it gives you unforgettable sights of the sun dissapering in the sea.


is a rocky beach with a view of open sea, near the village Veli Rat. There is the biggest light house on Adriatic, 42 m high. By the light house is Saint Nicholas chapel.


is a nature park located on the south east part of the island, it is one of the safest ports on Adriatic see. It is surrounded by 13 islands, with 6 little islans within the bay. There is a fenomenom salt lake Mir, located in the narrow part between the bay Telaščica and the open see. On its south east side there is a medicinal mud.

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